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Technological advances in the security business in recent years have led many companies to scale back their manned guarding in favour of CCTV and remote monitoring. However, at Total Guard, we believe that no matter how innovative your technology, you can’t beat the level of safety and security that having a physical security guard presence offers to many different types of business.

manned guarding

Pubs and nightclubs

Our well-trained security guards can help to protect both clientele and employees from trouble makers and are able to pre-empt issues and deal appropriately before incidents escalate.

Construction sites

There are many reasons why unauthorised people would try to access a construction site: teenagers causing trouble; vagrants looking for somewhere to sleep; or more usually, people looking for something to steal and sell on. A Total Guard security presence can help to prevent any unauthorised access and therefore protect your site and equipment, preventing loss of valuable equipment.

Retail premises

While appropriately placed cameras can help to identify thieves after the fact, the physical presence of a security guard can act as a deterrent and reduces the likelihood that your shop will be targeted by thieves. If someone does get into the property, having a Total Guard security guard on hand can help to reduce your losses.

More responsive than CCTV alone

Whilst no site is properly secure without CCTV these days, having a manned guard gives extra protection against factors out of sight of the cameras, such as gas or water leaks, fire or other unpredictable incidents. Total Guard security personnel are fully trained in how to deal with all these kinds of situations.


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